Italian Bread Powder Mixture

It is sufficient to only add Water and Yeast to the "Italian Bread Powder Mixture", which is made with carefully picked Wheat Powder, Wheat Gluten, Sunflower Kernel, Linseed, Dehydrated Tomato, Crushed Corn Balls, Soybean Flour, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion, Thyme, Sweet Basil, Bayleaf, Spice and Coconut.

Bread Making in Kiln

500 gr of bread mixture is poured into a deep cap. 320 ml of water (approx. 2 water glasses) is added. Then yeast is added to the mixture. ekmek yapımı
The mixture is kneaded with knead dough apparatus of the mixer or hand, for 10 minutes. The prepared dough must be smooth-even, and at the consistency of an earlobe. ekmek yapımı
The dough is covered from up top, but not so much as to dry, and conditioned for 30-35 minutes. Shapes of small or large bread are given, as wished, and then conditioned again in a mildly oiled tray or tablet, for 40-45 minutes and at 30-35 °C temperature. ekmek yapımı
The conditioned dough is wetted on top by water or milk, with brush.In the kiln, which has been heated to 200 °C degrees by now; Small Bread; 15-20 mins, (at 220 °C – 230 °C) Large Bread; 40-45 mins, (at 220 °C – 230 °C) ekmek yapımı

Bread Making in the Bread-Making Machine

500 grams of bread mixture is poured into the bunker of the machine. ekmek yapımı
320ml water (approx. 2 water glasses) is added into the mixture. Lastly, yeast is added, and the 3-hour main program of the machine is selected, and the mixture is cooked. ekmek yapımı

Protection Conditions

As long as kept away from all sorts of substances emitting any odor or having any taste, and in a cool, moisture-free and odorless place of maximum 25 °C temperature, the product protects its attributes until its expiration date.