Wheat Acquiring

Wheat, which is produced on the most fertile soil of our country, is transferred to our facility in ÇORLU to be sampled, tested and controlled by our technologically enhanced laboratories to be approved.  The approved wheat is then passed on to the silos for storage.                

Wheat Cleaning &

The stored wheat is pre-cleaned, separated (from stone and wild seeds) and washed after which it rests for at least 30 hours before the grinding process.

Crushing &
Grinding of Wheat

Wheat, which has been cleaned, tempered and has completed its resting period (of 30-36 hours) is then crushed in rolls, thus starting the process of grinding. Grinding consists of separation of flour from scurf, turning farina into flour, and afterwards, classifying the flour with the help of various microns. The produced flour is stored in the silos with hygienic airing, waiting for the blending process that is to be specified by the quality control unit.